Let Round Two Begin! Canucks vs Oilers
Ep. 23

Let Round Two Begin! Canucks vs Oilers

Episode description

Andrew Wadden and Producer Aaron discuss the Vancouver Canucks’ recent success as they move on to play against the Edmonton Oilers in round two. They reflect on the Canucks’ defensive strategy against the Nashville Predators and their ability to adapt to their opponents’ style of play. The conversation touches on the impressive performances of players like Artūrs Šilovs, JT Miller, Brock Boeser, and Pius Suter, highlighting their crucial roles in the team’s success.

They also delve into Elias Pettersson’s performance, acknowledging his contributions despite not scoring goals in the series. The discussion shifts to the Canucks’ upcoming series against the Oilers, emphasizing the importance of staying disciplined and capitalizing on power play opportunities. The team’s offensive capabilities and the challenges posed by the Oilers’ top lines are analyzed, along with a focus on the Canucks’ need for scoring in the series.

The goaltending situation, with Šilovs likely to start in game one, is examined, with insights into the team’s confidence in their goaltenders. Wadden and Aaron make their predictions for the series outcome, with one favouring the Oilers and the other leaning towards the Canucks.